Kebab Cafe

Greek cafe whipping up gyros, burgers & dips in a compact space with Mediterranean decor touches.

It all began in 1997 with a dynamic couple and a dream.

kebab cafe ArcataKebab Cafe owner Simon Beyzade was born and raised in London, England. His family immigrated from the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus to London in the early 1960’s, bringing along with them their cultural food.

Through his teen years, Simon worked at a Mediterranean restaurant where he learned to make and cut the Gyro. Shortly after, this family opened their own restaurant in London, England.

Simon met his Humboldt County sweet heart, Shanell in London where she was a student at American College for Applied Arts. He followed her back to the United States in 1988 and they married two years later.

Simon worked in the construction and cabinet trade for nine years, until his passion for cooking and his desire to share authentic Mediterranean cuisine prompted him to open the “Kebab Cafe” in February of 1997, with the help of his wife and his mother-in-law, Pat Willfong.

Although Simon misses his family and friends in London, he has found happiness here in Humboldt County with his wife Shanell and their three beautiful daughters, Jeyda, Tibel, and Ashkim.